Feasibility and Organization

Review and/or establish an outline brief for the project with the client, taking into account building function, space requirements, site information, cost targets, time and quality targets, occupational requirements, and commercial objectives. Review the brief and advise the client with respect to construction feasibility and procurement within budget and time parameters.

TPG will confirm and document the scope of the project, including the Client’s required program, standards, schedule and budget.

TPG team works closely with the client and architect to establish and confirm program goals for the project, strategically balancing site conditions, budget and objectives. Detailed space utilization, adjacency and net space to gross space analysis are developed for alternate schemes.

TPG will assist client in establishing the overall conceptual budget for each project, including projections of both construction and non-construction costs. These budgets establish benchmarks for the team and are continually updated through the life of the project.

TPG will assist the client establish the overall project schedule from inception through occupancy, and the project phasing plan, if necessary. The schedule is part of the project planning strategy and will be updated during the consultant activity leading up to construction documentation. It will include coordination with external parties such as building authorities and local government agencies.

With the consultants, prepare the project procedures to identify and cover project details, communications, project directory, reporting, financial matters, meetings, drawings, and circulation of correspondence, bid packages, payments, and insurance requirements. The project procedures and controls will be used throughout the project.

TPG will chair project meetings from planning through close out and issue meeting minutes with action items assigned to responsible parties. Assist the client’s representative and project committee in development and documentation of project goals and objectives. Develop and update an overall project approach for management of the site area, including phasing, sequencing, logistics, safety, security, quality control, and occupancy sequencing. Communicate details of the final program to the client and highlight any difficulties in implementing the program. Schedule and coordinate test fits and preliminary space plans, where applicable.

TPG assists the client in evaluating the suitability of potential sites for their program requirements and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Existing conditions, site constraints, schedule and costs are evaluated for each location. In addition, TPG will provide support and technical expertise during the negotiations of the purchase and sale agreement/lease document.

TPG will identify roles and responsibilities of the Client, TPG and other required team members including the architect, engineers, specialty consultants and builders.

TPG will prepare a detailed scope of services for each consultant, including the architect. We prepare competitive requests for proposals, analyze responses, manage the interview process and advise the Client in making selections. TPG negotiates business terms of all contracts.