On behalf of the client, TPG regularly monitor progress and performance of the general and trade contractors. Manage the site with particular attention to the site layout, security, logistics, materials handling, site attendance, temporary utilities, and cleanup.

TPG prepares agenda and chairs the weekly project team meeting. Our detailed minutes become the key record for the project and include actions to be taken by the team. We attend the contractor’s or construction manager’s trade coordination meetings (Owner Contractor Architect – OAC), as required. TPG conducts other meetings throughout the design and construction process, as needed for coordination.

Assemble monthly reports, which include progress photographs, status of design, permits/licenses, schedule report, cost/financial report, problem areas and recommendations for action. Ensure contractors keep accurate written reports on labor, weather, progress, materials/equipment, and accidents. Monitor correspondence and minutes to provide early warning advice on any issues likely to affect the project budget or schedule.

Safety is the first priority on all projects. TPG reviews and comments on the builder’s site safety and security plans. At a certain project scale the code requires special site safety personnel, and we ensure that these requirements are met. TPG is experienced in complex redevelopment/renovation projects where continued operation and occupancy must be maintained.

Oversee the work of the general and trade contractors and suppliers in accordance with contractor’s agreements. Manage the interrelationship of each contract with other ongoing construction contracts so that all work access and resource availability has been properly coordinated. Manage the construction process to ensure that the contractor delivers the contracted scope and quality of goods and services, within the required time and budgets.

Monitor and review contractors’ material procurement schedules and submittal logs for completeness, accuracy, and compliance. Track design team review and approval of all submittals to ensure timely approval and release of all long lead items.

Monitor and review request for information and track RFI schedule. Insure that the design team is responding to contractor’s questions in a timely manner and at the same time identifying cost oriented RFI’s and review design team’s recommendations.

Plan and manage the site logistics services provided by the general contractor including access, storage, site accommodation, utilities and emergency routes.

Establish a cost reporting and coding structure based on the client’s requirements. Administer and monitor the budget throughout the project. Provide the client with information on the financial status of the project, actual cost against cost plan, cash flow analyses, and forecasts impact of change orders. Forecast anticipated cost needed to complete the project. Review and advise on payments to trade contractors.

Manage the QC process on each project site to verify that the outside testing laboratories are being utilized properly and that the testing results being provided meet a standard that is consistent design specifications and client requirements. TPG coordinates the design and construction team and third-party testing firms to ensure that all required tests called for by the specifications, authorities and other entities are performed. Examples include concrete and steel, plumbing, electrical and systems commissioning.

Report on progress as the project evolves. Monitor compliance and assess performance of all project participants. Evaluate and make recommendations on trade contractors’ requests for progress payments.

TPG has developed flexible proprietary cost control forms and procedures that can be modified for each project. Our team reviews and negotiates proposed change orders and we identify and track all potential costs. We perform a detailed review of all requisitions for payment and assure receipt of all required documentation such as releases of lien.

Administer and evaluate potential changes to the project from both a cost and schedule perspective, making detailed recommendations to the client’s representative. Review and comment on contractor’s assessment of proposed variations in the contract and negotiate, as necessary. Evaluate proposed changes in terms of their impact on design, construction and operation, proposing action as required. Make recommendations on the settlement of change orders. In conjunction with the contractor, advise on the financial implications of delays, extensions of time, accelerations or disruptions.

TPG, working with the design and construction team, oversees the installation of the infrastructure. TPG manages the selection of information technology, audio & video, security consultants and installation companies. TPG coordinates the installation schedule with the construction schedule to assure completion by the target occupancy date.

TPG organizes the client’s purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment to coordinate with the construction schedule. We plan and order the required products far in advance to ensure on-time installation.

TPG working with the project team, takes all of the necessary steps to coordinate tests, documents and inspections required to obtain the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and/or the Certificate of Occupancy for a project.