Design & Engineering

TPG will establish scopes of work for the required design, engineering, and other consultants needed for the project. Advise on the pre-qualification, staffing requirements and necessary skills and expertise of individual consultants. Prepare Request for Proposals (RFP) to identified consultants and manage the receiving process of the various RFPs. Establish the evaluation criteria for the client’s selection of consultants and assist the client and project committee in the selection process. Assist client’s legal representative in drafting of consultant agreements.

For existing buildings to be renovated or for leased space, TPG will coordinate a complete assessment of all building systems with the design team.

Review the information developed by the project team with respect to design criteria and preliminary programming data. Review drawings throughout the design process for adherence to the client’s requirements. Oversee the architect’s space utilization study, survey and inventory. Monitor design development to conform to established project goals and objectives, which will include other installations such as furniture, fixtures and equipment, security and technology.

In collaboration with the design team, establish detailed design schedules and identify design deliverables including drawings, design calculations, specifications and quality control procedures. Monitor the design process, identify schedule divergence, and recommend appropriate action. Report on cost and time effects of design changes. Participate in regular design team meetings to resolve outstanding issues.

TPG is committed to achieving the highest possible levels of sustainability in each of the projects that we manage. We can assist our clients in establishing a sustainability plan and pursuing LEED certification, if desired.

Commencing during design development and continuing through completion of the project, undertake value-engineering studies to identify potential cost and time saving solutions.

Assist the project team in defining the project costs and schedule and identify relevant categories of costs, estimates and overall client cost objectives. Provide summary of all project costs beyond the construction contract and update the budget as new information becomes available to allow the client to make informed decisions. We evaluate cost estimates at each design phase and direct cost-saving efforts.

Assist the client and interface with local government authorities and utility companies for items such as building permits, building regulations, water and sewer, telecommunications and power connections. Assist in monitoring and obtaining approvals for the project from authorities that have jurisdiction over the project. TPG will schedule, organize and monitor all steps in the approval process. TPG can act as the public face of the project with local community groups, state and municipal agencies.

Determine scope of contracted elements, advise on the detailed preparation of contractual terms, and assemble construction contracts and purchase order coordination.

Establish schedule-reporting formats and develop a master project schedule that is integrated with all project activities. TPG continually tracks planned durations against actual progress, identifying issues that may impact project duration. If issues impact the schedule, we work with the project team to devise alternate strategies to recover time. Develop detailed trade schedules and award dates and subsidiary schedules that are integrated with the construction schedule.

Develop and update an overall strategy for the procurement of trade or supply contractors necessary to complete the project. Implement strategies, plans and detailed guidelines for the procurement of all project services. TPG manages the selection process for the construction manager/general contractor.  TPG prepares requests for proposals, analyze responses, manage interviews and advise the client in making a selection. TPG negotiates the business terms of the contract and assists the builder with selection of appropriate trade subcontractors.

Solicit interest and assist in the development of bid lists and prequalification of contractor’s bid schedules. Schedule bid clarification meetings. With the client representative, interview potential general contractors, specialty construction contractors and FF&E vendors.

Manage the bid process to ensure that all necessary information relating to the vendors is properly organized and filed. TPG will conduct pre-bid conferences and manage the response to pre-bid questions from bidders and evaluate bids.   TPG will chair post-bid meetings with the selected contractors to verify that they have analyzed the project requirements completely and have included in their proposals the full scope of work. TPG will issue formal notices to proceed on behalf of the client, as needed.

TPG advises the client in selecting the appropriate form of project delivery method and construction contract.   TPG negotiates the business terms and work with the client’s counsel to complete negotiations.